Woman over man! 😍

Man is the mos elevated of all creatures; Woman is the most sublime of all ideals.

God made for Man a throne, Woman an altar; the throne exalts, the altar sacrifies.

Man is the brain, woman is the heart. The brain enlightens, the heart loves. Light illuminates, love revives.

Man is a genius, Woman is an angel. A genius is immeasurableand angel is indefinable. A genius contemplates the indefinite, an angel admiresthe unutterable.

The aspiration of man is the supreme glory. The aspiration of Woman is the extreme virtue. To obtain glory, man does what is grand, to acquire virtue, Woman does what is divine.

Man has the supremacy, Woman, the preference; Supremacy signifies strength, preference represents right.

Man is strong in reasons, Woman is invincible in her tears; Reason convinces the most stubborn, tears soften the hardest of mortals.

Man is the symbol of heroism, Woman of martyrdom. Heroism ennobles, martyrdom sublimes.

Man is the temple, Woman is the sanctuary. To the temple we revere, the sanctuary we kneel.

Man thinks, Woman dreams. To think is to recollect is to recollect the past or to reason the present, to dream is to anticipate the future.

Man is the ocean, woman is the lake. The ocean contains the pearl that beautifies, the lake contains the poetry that dazzles.

Man is the eagle that flies, Woman is the lark that sings. To fly is to occupy space, to sing is to conquer the soul.

Man pursues the goal of his conscience, woman follows the star of hope. Conscience guides, hope perserves.

Man is placed where the earth ends, woman is placed where heaven begins.

Lastly, it takes a thousand men to build an encampment but a woman alone can build a home.

Now, who says then that woman is inferior to man?


Jocel 💋


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