When ‘he’ meets ‘she’ (The story of “us”)


He sent a message. She instantly replied.

He will randomly call. She constantly keeps post to him.

His hobbies are video games, reading manga and playing basketball.

Her hobbies are reading novels and surfing-net.

He leaves her alone with her hobbies.

She leaves him alone with his hobbies.

At night, they used to chat with each other.

Send links of their favorite song tru youtube.

Talks everything under the sun and random people they knew.

They both love eating sweet-foods.

She bakes a cake for him.

He gives her his sweet smile, in return.

They joke about the people they know who are stupid.

He tells her about how annoying his school-works and some of his friends are.

She tells him about how exhausting her internships and how crazy her friends are.

They laugh together like there are the only people in the room.

Days are spent off playing video games together.

He does his trash-talking to piss her off.

She slaps his shoulders; pinch his legs and screams at to him in return.

Often times, they have some cute arguments like,

Who’s best among the team in NBA,

What makes that team lame,

And who’s the ugliest player.

Then they’ll outrageously laugh with each other and had the superb night ever.

Occasionally, they go at the mall to do stuff like:

Checking the new shoes and menus at their favorite restaurants.

Accidentally glance at each other and immediately laugh.

Without any words had uttered to each other,

They already understand each other by that glance.

That people around them find it weird.

She surprises him with her random sweet text messages.

And he responds by calling her and saying how grateful he was.

He surprises her by letting her play a video game with him.

She responds by sharing her irritation towards the game.

They always have the best time whenever they are together.

No dull moments.

They’re a team. A club.

A two person gang that nobody else is allowed to join.

It’s them vs. everyone else.

Then their worst day comes along,

He left without any notice.

She chases him.

He had his own priorities in life.

She understands it clearly.

She got tired with his deeds and gave him some space.

He came back and asked what’s wrong.

She said he had turned out to be someone she doesn’t knew.

He was perplexed by her answer.

Explained that he’s still the same and nothing had changed.

She closed her ears and doesn’t listen to him.

She just cried and pours out all the aches she’s been bearing.

He seeks for some understanding.

She seeks for the exact answer in her questions.

But, one thing is certain: they madly miss each other.

Then one day, he called.

Asked her to lay all down the issues,

And one by one he’ll answer it all.

She said, she already told everything.

He explained.

She listened.

He pleads for her forgiveness.

She wants him to learn from his mistake and never do it again.

Lesson had learned.

Words had been said.

Issues were already cleared.

And now,

They’re trying to go back into their happy days.

Just like what they used to have before.



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