Dad! ♥

He is the constant man into my life.

He is the only guy who can take my nastiest attitude;

Who wouldn’t get tired of hearing my petty and lame stories;

Who will appreciate each achievements and things that I do;

Who never get tired of ironing my uniforms and cooking meals for us. 

He taught me how to be generous, kind, humble and to live and stand with my principles in life.

He is not a perfect father, he also got his flaws.

For some instances I hate him, because of his vices and some wrong deeds,

But the fact the he embraces all my flaws and still loves me beyond my imperfections.

Those hatred turned to a deep love and made me understand him more

He is trying his best to be the best one for us,

This is what I appreciate and loved the most about him. 

And I know he wouldn’t even left me hanging. 

He is the only man who will still love me unconditionally and stand by me.

That’s why I love you so dad! Tested and proven for almost 20 years and counting, baby! 




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