SNV Journey

Being a nurse isn’t about how much salary you’ll get during the 15th or 30th day of the month. But rather, it is about how many lives you had touched during those 8hours duty you had. How you had save a person’s life and how you had changed his pessimistic point of view in life in an optimistic one.”

-Maria Jocel N. Martos

Being a senior nursing student at Our Lady of Fatima University, I can say that I have lots of experience in and out of the school. You meet different types of people from time to time. My career as a nurse for the future is strengthened and molded more when I enter as the Student Nurse Volunteer at the University Clinic.

Maybe that’s a loop of fate that I passed into the interview. Honestly, I don’t have that high grades compared to those who passed their résumés, and I’m still oblivious how I passed.

Bloodletting Program; Health Teaching into the community, high school, college and faculty; Infection control management—these are only few of the myriads of activities that we, SNVs, are conducting. It’s more on taking the patient’s vital signs and assessing the doctor into Physical Assessment.

Being a volunteer doesn’t require much, you just need to spare some of your time and have that dedication to help without expecting anything in return. Others might raised their brows while reading this, but let me say this to you, the feeling that you’ll get whenever you had helped someone whom you didn’t know, and hearing him/her saying “Thank you, Nurse” and seeing him/her smiling back at you means a lot. It’s more than having a flat one grade at your NCMS subject. Believe me! J 😀 😛

Many are qualified to be a volunteer, but only few have the guts to stay and to be a volunteer. Pressures are common in this field, but seeing your transition from a novice to expert is notable and worth it.



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