For the broken hearted

“Remember that whenever you are or whatever you are facing right. God Knows.”

When things went wrong. Heartaches, dilemmas have been constantly following you around, JUST PRAY. And I’ll assure you dear. Everything will be completely alright. It uplifts my spirit and enlightens my mind everytime I talked to Him. It’s true, when you surrender all your fears to Him, He’ll took care of it.

Each night,I pray to Him to guide me in my decisions that I’ll make, to give me a sign if that guy will be the right one for me. Pathetic? Yes, I am! :”> It makes me frown, when I realize and saw those signs. The signs that tells me: HE’S NOT WORTH KEEPING FOR. Grr! But I know, He has much better plans for me. So I just need to trust Him. 😀

For every wrong guys that I met, for every heartaches that I’d been through, I keep on thinking this quote:

“A heart break is a blessing from God. It only means He saved you from a wrong one.” 

Smile Precious girl,you are loved by God! AMEN! ♥




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