The Time I Do Not Stood up for my Mother

“Mother supports certain illusion about their children and one of my illusions was that I liked who I was, because she did” –Charley Benetto, For one more day by Mitch Albom

When I was young, I do counting down when the month of December comes. I’ll always scream: Dad, its 28 days before my birthday!

Then when the 28th day of December comes, it is my mom who’ll first greet me.

She’ll wake me up with her loud voice matching a loud music from the radio playing: (The authentic) Happy Birthday Song. She’ll wake me up as if she’s using a mega phone but in fact that is just her normal voice. She’ll start screaming: Happy birthday, JOCEL! Wake up I baked a chocolate cake for you!

Then I reached 15, the same old routine. My mom will scream in the morning and play a happy birthday song. That was the first time I asked her if I can go out with my friends since it’s my day. No more parties. No more celebration I said. She had no choice but to say: YES.

Dona, Guiness, Vivian, Don and I went to SM North and watched movie and ate dinner. I could say that that I had a good day. It was around 9 o’clock in the evening and I’m on my way home mom called me and asked to go home for its already late. I bought a slice cake of black forest for her, so that she wouldn’t get mad. J

As I went home, I am surprised. There were spaghetti and cake at the table. Two plates with spoon and fork, I never thought she’ll do this because my dad and my two sisters weren’t home (they were at my uncle’s place in Parañaque). It’s just my mom and I who were at home.

I found my mom, sleeping at the dining table. I wake her up and said: Mom why are you here? She said: I’m waiting for you; I cooked some spaghetti and bought a cake for you. It’s your birthday. J

*Then, I felt quite bad and of course guilty because, instead of celebrating my birthday at home with my mom I opt to go out and celebrate it with my friends. K. Pardon me guys! I’m at the peak of my adolescence! 

xoxo, Jocel!


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